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Mistakes to avoid when decorating your home

Home decoration has no limits! You can stick to default styles or develop a whole new, your own style and home identity, but keep a few “rules” in mind so you don’t make mistakes.

You can determine the direction of home decoration yourself or you can consult with an interior designer. While he can help you a lot in decorating your home, he will rarely guess exactly what you dreamed of. So the cheapest and safest option is to decorate the home yourself with the advice of experts.

To better decorate each room, you need to follow a few basic rules such as contrasts, > color shades and patterns, details in the room and the arrangement of furniture according to the dimensions. Through a few points we will explain to you what are the most common mistakes when decorating a home and how to avoid them.

Dark shades of walls

Painting the walls in darker shades will make a small room even smaller, and medium-sized rooms will visually shrink. Before painting the walls it would be good to choose furniture as you will have more options in the first steps of designing.

An example where dark color visually reduces the room

Too many colors and details

Details like cushions on the sofa, flowers and paintings on the walls are always welcome, but to a certain extent. If you combine them with a few colors you have on the wall, the space can look overcrowded and messy. Try to focus on 2-3 colors (shades) that will go well with the selected details and props.

An example of a room crowded with different patterns and images and one elegantly decorated room

Lack of light

Just as dark shades of walls visually reduce a room, so will a room that lacks light. Such a room will not be pleasant to stay and socialize, so if you do not have a natural light source, make sure that the room has enough artificial lighting.

A gloomy room with too little light and a refreshing combination of natural and artificial light

Too much furniture

This can definitely be felt in smaller rooms when you find it difficult to move because of them. Focus on the fact that you have to move around the room, so do not clutter it with sofas, armchairs, stools, cabinets, tables, etc. It does not matter if your living room does not have a two-seater and three-seater, let your focus be efficiency and simplicity. Be careful not to stifle the energy of the space with too much furniture.

Example of a room crowded with furniture and a walk-through room

Too many pictures

A solid color wall just cries out for details like the pictures on the wall, but it’s not good to overdo it with anything and so not with the pictures. A few randomly stacked framed pictures or photos are certainly a good idea, but be careful not to overdo it. Any more than 5 pictures on the wall will make it simply overcrowded, especially if you add more stickers or wallpaper to the wall.

A room full of pictures without any order and a room with a thoughtful arrangement of pictures

Too many samples

Dots, then lines (horizontal or vertical), flowers, squares … If you combine all this in one room, it will seem tasteless and unattractive. Opt for one sample and use it.

Decorative items in awkward places

If you don’t want to break old and precious items, don’t put them in easily accessible places, especially if you have children in the room. This increases the likelihood that something will break. Keep items such as vases, table lamps, crystals and porcelain on higher shelves or in cabinets. For smaller items, we recommend shelves to avoid any breaking or damaging the items.

Lack of identity

Your home is your hiding place and you rule in it! Do not hesitate to add your photos, childhood memories, items you inherited, etc. This is your story and is welcome in any area of ​​the house. Play around with everything you think could give your personal stamp. There is nothing worse than a sterile room in which there is no personality of the owner that gives atmosphere and warmth.

White color

White walls, white sofa, white armchair, white furniture … It looks modern and sophisticated, but let’s be realistic, everything can be seen on white, every stain. Eventually you can save yourself with blankets and pillows or dry cleaning. Either way, white is a good idea for homes or apartments where you don’t stay often because that’s the only way they can keep their original pure whiteness.

White furniture is very delicate, so for maintenance and longevity it is better to have it in rooms that are not used often.

We hope these tips have helped and encouraged you to decorate your home the way you want it to, without making any of the mistakes we pointed out to you.

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