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Usefull tips for decorating the bedroom

The bedroom must be your refuge, your oasis of peace and freedom. There must be enough fresh air, and the most important thing is to have more lighter colors on the walls because that way you will achieve better energy for a comfortable sleep, it is believed by the feng shui method.

It’s a good idea not to pile up a lot of things in the bedroom so that they don’t take up a lot of space, and so that they don’t seem overcrowded. Make comfort and simplicity a priority in decorating a room.

We hope to help you decorate your bedroom and that you will apply some of our tips.

Quality mattress

We will first go through the types of mattresses and their advantages and disadvantages. A quality gold mattress is worth it, because our productivity and mood throughout the day depends on whether we slept well or not.

Spring mattresses

Spring mattresses are the oldest and still the most popular type of mattress in the world. Most people still sleep on spring mattresses.


  • provide optimal support to every part of the body
  • they are long lasting
  • good ventilation
  • comfort
  • affordable price


  • possible health risk
  • they are not resistant to mites, fungi and insects

Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are currently the second most popular type of mattress in the world. They are made of polyurethane foam characterized by elasticity, softness and anti-allergic properties.

There are also mattresses made of cold cast foam. They are also made of polyurethane, but by a special process, without the addition of harmful chemicals.


  • they ideally adapt to body shape
  • they distribute body weight well
  • reduce pressure on the spine
  • they are resistant to insects, fungi and mites
  • affordable price


  • they are not as long lasting as latex or spring mattresses
  • they conduct air worse
  • have a “warming” effect
  • memory foam is not a natural material
  • if you suffer from heat waves, these mattresses are not for you

Latex mattresses

Latex is a soft and fine sponge made from rubber milk. Latex mattresses have gained popularity thanks to their high elasticity, incredible durability and excellent hygienic properties.

There is also synthetic latex, and some types of mattresses are made from a mixture of natural and synthetic latex. Therefore, if you want a mattress made of 100% natural materials, ask the manufacturer whether the mattress is made only of natural or a mixture of latex.

There are two latex processing technologies – Talalay and Dunlop. Talalay is slightly softer and more elastic than Dunlop, while Dunlop latex is ideal if you like a firmer mattress that provides good support.


  • evenly distributes body weight
  • provides optimal support and comfort
  • latex is a natural material
  • prevents the growth of fungi, mites and bacteria
  • regulates air and humidity well
  • incredibly long lasting


  • high price

Gel mattresses

Gel mattresses have appeared on the market relatively recently. The gel was primarily developed for use in hospitals because it is extremely flexible, sterile, elastic and absorbs pressure well. The gel provides good support to the body and is also incredibly soft. This material relieves sore back even better than latex or memory foam.

A mattress cannot consist of just gel. Therefore, the gel is usually combined with springs or memory foam.
If you suffer from neck, low back or back pain, gel mattresses are a great choice for you.


  • antibacterial and antiseptic properties
  • they are shaped according to the sleeper’s body
  • they distribute body weight well
  • relieve the spine
  • they are especially suitable for people with pain in the neck, lower back and spine
  • longevity


  • high price
  • an unusual feeling when sleeping, to which one should get used
  • Some types of gels are quite hard so the mattress can be too hard for you

Mattress selection tips

  • If you have severe pain in the spine, neck or lower back, choose a gel mattress. However, latex and memory foam mattresses will relieve your back just as well for a little less money.
  • If you love natural materials and can set aside more money, choose a latex mattress.
  • Memory foam mattresses provide an optimal ratio of quality and price.
  • If you are allergic, latex, memory foam or gel mattresses are the best choice for you.

Source: alternativa-za-vas.com

Bed sheets

Although most people are not aware that bedding has any effect on sleep, it can indeed affect the quality of our sleep. The main factor when choosing bedding is the material.

Which material to choose for healthy sleep?

There is cotton bedding, silk, linen, crepe, damask … All of them are often mixed with synthetics to make them last longer.

According to many experts, the best choice is pure cotton bedding.

Cotton bedding is suitable for every season, easy to maintain and iron. An important feature is that they can be maintained by washing in the washing machine, and we know that it is important to wash the bedding at a temperature higher than 60 ° C to get rid of mites.

The advantage of cotton is that it is comfortable for the skin and breathes, so we do not sweat.

Choosing the right bedding is very important for another reason – the bedding is in direct contact with the skin of the body and face.

When buying bedding, take into account the density of the weave.

The formula is simple: the higher the density of the fabric, the softer the sheets and pillows will be.

Weaving density is measured in the number of threads per square meter and, of course – the more the better. That is, in this case, the old one is worth it – as much money as much music.

Are you afraid of how to match cotton bedding with the modern style of your new bedroom?

There is no need for that because today it is possible to get cotton bedding of all possible patterns.

Colors affect sleep quality?

Without a doubt, bedding is a detail that brings a big change to any bedroom. When it comes to aesthetics, when buying it is best to be guided by the already prevailing colors. This will achieve harmony in your interior.

If, on the other hand, choosing bedding according to colorful laws seems excessive, a good option is a bed cover that will bring the aesthetics of the room into a perfect relationship for just a little money.

Bedding design can be elegant, modern, youthful, discreet, monochrome, they can have a play of materials, textures or decorations such as edging, textile combinations and the like. Color and design can strongly influence the human mood, so it is advisable to think about it when buying.

For example, darker bedding is more desirable in large bedrooms that have lighter walls, as well as in cases where you want to achieve expensive elegance.

White bedding is good to combine in bedrooms that have intense dark details. Such bedding looks fresh and helps you relax and fall asleep. The green color also gives a feeling of peace and comfort.

If you like to spend the night in the passionate embrace of your partner, choose red bedding. If you are playful in character, we believe that yellow or orange bedding will be a good choice for you. However, these colors are not recommended for bedroom walls because in large quantities they encourage restlessness.

For a good night’s sleep, bedding in pastel colors, such as light blue, lavender or pink, is a great choice.

Despite these tips, when shopping, be guided by colors that calm you down, not those that are “prescribed”.
However, you know best which is the right choice for you.

Source: perfecta.hr


Closed wardrobe fronts hide things from view and allow the space to always look neat and organized. Apart from the dimensions and method of execution (finished, free-standing cabinet or built-in cabinet, most often from floor to ceiling), the method of opening the front is also important, which can be classic or it is a sliding front.

In modern cabinets, the fronts of the cabinets are very often its most important aesthetic part (different colors of two or more fronts, mirrors, hand-painted or upholstered fronts). However, when it comes to closets, their extremely important aspect is often neglected, and that is the internal organization of the space behind the fronts themselves.

A well-organized space allows you to store and easily find all the stored things, which is actually a unit for measuring its functionality. Each wardrobe must be tailored just for you.

For example, if you like unusually long coats and raincoats, the bar for hanging clothes must be higher than in standardized closets.

It is similar with specially separated parts of the closet for storing hats or a larger space for more pairs of shoes than those provided as standard.

Someone prefers to hang than to put individual pieces of clothing on the shelves. Some people want to have two large and deeper shelves for storing bedding, while others will find it more important to set aside space for storing an ironing board or vacuum cleaner. This is why custom-made wardrobes are becoming more attractive.


  • When choosing a wardrobe, pay special attention not only to its external appearance, but also to the internal organization of shelves and interior equipment in general, such as elevators for lowering high bars or specialized devices for storing ties and scarves.
  • The closet must be functional, and the interior well organized and clear. If you are going to make a custom wardrobe, draw a sketch of the internal layout of the shelves and hangers in the wardrobe according to your needs and habits.
  • Hanging jackets will require a height of approx. 85 cm and a width of approx. 55 cm, while men’s coats will have to be hung at a height of up to approx. 145 cm. Some dresses will require more hanging (approx. 160 cm).
  • The depth of the cabinet is usually 60 cm.

Source: indizajn.rtl.hr


In this section we bring what lights to use in the bedroom and where to position them.


The main lighting of the room is the first step. It is best to have a chandelier that can dim the light so that you can adjust the atmosphere to suit you. For example, when we are getting ready for work we want a strong light, and when we are resting we want a weaker one. A chandelier should not be the only source of light, but it is inexpensive and effective.

A lamp by the bed

If you like to lie down with a good book in your hands before going to bed, then a nightstand is a good starting point. The lamps should have a flexible neck so that they can adjust the direction of the light to your liking. Also pay attention to their height, and it would be good to have a switch at hand so you don’t have to get up before just falling asleep.

Lights on the wall

They can make a great contribution to the atmosphere in the room. They can illuminate areas that other lamps do not reach and highlight a particular part of the room. Try installing them behind a mirror and you will get a nice decoration. The only place you don’t want wall lighting is above the bed. Imagine lying in bed and the light “pounding on your head”. You’ll feel like you’re on the operating table, and no one wants that.

Floor lamps

They are a good choice if you do not intend to use ceiling lighting. Because of their structure and because they use high voltage bulbs, they will scatter light much more efficiently than a few table lamps.

If you want to create a romantic atmosphere or a relaxing atmosphere, you can play with decorative lights such as pine lamps and candlesticks.

Candles may be some kind of cliché for romance, but they really create a special atmosphere. If they are scented candles, even better.

However, be extremely careful when using candles. Especially in the bedroom.

Source: perfecta.hr