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7 tips for decoration of your new living room

The central room of every home is mostly the living room – the room where you spend the most time. It is a place to socialize and relax, so it is important that the living room is relaxing and that you feel comfortable in it. Classic or modern style, simple or with a lot of details, it is very important to pay attention that you have enough space and that your room has your signature.

Interior designers lately recommend a lot of delicious and decent details that will make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. You always have to adjust the dimensions of any room so that the room is not overcrowded or empty.

If you are just starting to decorate your house or apartment and you have no idea how to decorate the living room, maybe our tips will help you decorate it comfortably, spaciously and with style.

Cozy sofa

Priority in home decoration. You probably know how important a comfortable bed is, so it is so important that your sofa is comfortable. If you can, choose sofas filled with polyurethane foam because they are the most comfortable and most often long-lasting. Therefore, if you take a nap after a hard day’s work in the living room, don’t worry about waking up stiff with back pain.

The basic criteria for choosing a sofa / set are:

  • comfort
  • ergonomics
  • quality of workmanship
  • material quality
  • design

For small apartments that lack a guest room, the best choice is a sofa bed. It meets the needs of an extra bed, but it is intended only for occasional use and cannot meet the needs of quality sleep offered by a real mattress with a floor.

The depth of the sofa affects the quality of the seat. Proper seating will ensure a couch depth of 80 cm, while deeper ones, of 90 or 100 cm depth, require the support of additional cushions so that you are not in a semi-reclining position at all times.

When choosing a material, keep in mind:

  • ease of maintenance
  • endurance
  • comfort in contact with skin
  • color fastness

Cotton upholstery is comfortable and easy to maintain, especially if you choose ones that can be removed and washed.

Natural leather is a good choice when it comes to attractive appearance and maintenance, but we should keep in mind that leather furniture is a cold material in winter and encourages sweating in summer.

When choosing a sofa, pay attention to its dimensions, shape and color so as not to clutter the room and other pieces of furniture. Pay attention to the quality of construction. The construction must be strong and resistant to mechanical damage. The best ones are made of hardwood (ash, oak and beech) and of MDF and metal.

Source: living.vecernji.hr


Walls love details, and there are an infinite number of possibilities that you can take advantage of on the wall. You can do this by changing the color or setting the wallpaper. It is not necessary to paint the whole apartment or room, it is enough to choose one wall.

By changing one wall, you will achieve a better effect than painting the whole room in one color. If after a while you get bored of the color or wallpaper, simply change it.

There are a large number of manufacturers and types of paints and wallpapers on the market. Your final choice depends on your taste and financial capabilities. You can make this change for 50 kuna or a few thousand kuna.

Today, photo wallpapers are becoming more and more popular, offering the possibility of choosing various motifs, black and white or in color, with which you can decorate a room thematically.

If you do not want to bother with painting or wallpapering, there is also a large selection of stickers of various motifs on the market. They are easy to install and remove, so you don’t have to worry about them staying on the wall forever and being doomed to just one style.

Source: indizajn.rtl.hr

Bioethanol fireplace

Probably the biggest attention in the room will be caused by the fireplace, which will give your space a special energy and atmosphere. If you do not want additional installations (pipes or chimneys), if you are bothered by smoke and ash and if you do not have space for wood, then we recommend bioethanol fireplaces for you.

Freestanding or built-in, it is up to you to choose. In addition to being able to create an atmosphere for you during the winter days, they are completely environmentally friendly because they use bioethanol as fuel.

From an environmental point of view, bioethanol as a fuel has significant advantages over fossil fuels. Many advantages are achieved by replacing conventional fuels with ethanol:

  • reducing the amount of harmful gases in the atmosphere
  • less air and water pollution
  • burns cleaner than fossil fuels
  • poses less of a fire hazard than gasoline
  • reduces the amount of greenhouse gases
  • belongs to renewable energy sources

No worries about burning because the fuel is bioethanol – 96% alcohol, whose combustion product is carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). This is exactly what a person normally exhales.