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10 tips for decorating the apartment

The arrangement of apartments for rent should be approached somewhat differently than the arrangement of living space for everyday life. You need to focus on those things that will be important to the guest while staying with you.

We bring you 10 useful tips for decorating apartments. Fascinate your guests with the tidiness, functionality and comfort of your apartment!

If you advertise on the Internet, keep in mind that beautiful photos of the apartment will attract many more potential guests than, for example, that you do not have a single picture or that the apartment is not nicely decorated.

1. Define the target group

Before arranging, define a group of people to whom you will offer your accommodation. These can be adventurers, younger guests, families with children, guests of the older age group, cyclists, etc.

You should not arrange the apartments you plan to rent to students whose backpacking and adventurous lifestyle is the same, or to retired couples who come on holiday alone without children.

It is important to at least roughly determine the target group of guests you intend to attract.

2. Remember, you are renting a look

In the sea of ​​apartments offered for rent on the market, you have to be different from others and stand out in some way in order for a potential guest to decide to stay in your apartment. It can be a good price, attractive location, historical sights, proximity to the beach and the like, but when it comes to decorating the interior of the apartment, the appearance comes to the fore.

The guest must catch the eye of your decently decorated apartment, which he will immediately like. In other words, the apartment simply has to be neat and beautiful and for the guest to get the impression that his stay in it will be pleasant and comfortable.

Don’t think you need a lot of money for that. The decoration of the apartment should not be exaggerated, because even with a limited budget you can achieve a striking look of the apartment if you have an idea and style.

3. Adapt the style to the climate

To decorate the apartment it is very important to take into account the climate where the apartment is located. For example, the Mediterranean style of landscaping will look best in coastal regions. The way of arranging apartments in Dalmatia and Istria can be slightly different.

On the other hand, the Mediterranean style will not suit apartments in, for example, mountainous areas. It is important that guests in the apartment feel the way they experience the region they came to.

4. Ease of maintenance as an imperative

To make it easier for yourself, make sure that everything in the apartment is easy to maintain, ie easy to clean. Eg. it is better to have ceramic tiles than parquet, for the walls choose washable colors, for sun protection awnings or umbrellas that can be washed, for sitting folding chairs that will not break easily, etc.

You can also buy furniture that is scratch resistant, e.g. chipboard is usually more resistant than real wood or painted surfaces. Acrylic or polypropylene rugs do not absorb dirt, and are great for guests with allergies.

5. Pay attention to detail

Keep in mind important details such as the mirror, lighting and pleasing colors.

The mirror allows guests to arrange for a walk or an evening out, and also reflects light, giving the space extra depth and a sense of spaciousness.

Even with thoughtful lighting placement, you can visually enlarge the space. Use lighter colors, but never combine more than three colors as this might look distasteful.

It is best to use natural wood color, white, sand color or beige color.

6. Practicality is very important

Don’t buy large pieces of furniture and suffocate the entire space. No one carries a whole closet of things on a trip anyway. Smaller, more practical pieces of furniture leave an impression of spaciousness.

A good example is a sofa bed that can be folded into an armchair or a table that also contains shelves. An excellent choice is a bed with storage, stools with a lid, a dining table with drawers and the like.

You can get such furniture at reasonable prices, and when decorating the apartment you can easily adjust it to the current number of guests.

7. Pay attention to the decorations

Carefully selected decorations are very important and do not have to be expensive, but you must choose them and arrange them with style. This primarily refers to the paintings on the walls, but also vases with flowers, decorative pillows …

Without decorations, the space will look artificial and impersonal. For those who are willing to invest a little more in decorating the apartment, with the aim of raising the room to a higher level, bioethanol fireplaces are a good idea.

Bioethanol fireplaces

Probably the biggest attention in the room will be caused by the fireplace, which will give your space a special energy and atmosphere. If you do not want additional installations (pipes or chimneys), if you are bothered by smoke and ash and if you do not have space for wood, then we recommend bioethanol fireplaces for you.

From an environmental point of view, bioethanol as a fuel has significant advantages over fossil fuels. Many advantages are achieved by replacing conventional fuels with ethanol:

  • reducing the amount of harmful gases in the atmosphere
  • less air and water pollution
  • burns cleaner than fossil fuels
  • poses less of a fire hazard than gasoline
  • reduces the amount of greenhouse gases
  • belongs to renewable energy sources

No worries about burning because the fuel is bioethanol – 96% alcohol, whose combustion product is carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). This is exactly what a man normally exhales.

8. Technology is a must

Even the best decorated apartments will not be liked by most guests if they do not have a fast and reliable internet connection. Today, the Internet is almost a necessary infrastructure, for some almost as much as electricity and water.

Make sure you have unlimited WiFi in the apartments with a strong enough signal. If the internet connection in your apartments is weak or is constantly interrupted, it is very likely that your guests will not be satisfied at all.

Likewise, if you are advertising apartments with satellite TV, and the picture is blurry and of poor quality, you will get negative reviews.

9. Air conditioners are very important

Today, there are probably no apartments without air conditioning. Who would want to cook in an apartment without air conditioning in the summer? However, many renters struggle with guests who leave the air conditioning on all day, even when they leave the apartment and go swimming or going out.

To optimize the use of climate and save on electricity costs. energy, you can consider automated air conditioning control. Today, there are air conditioners on the market that automatically turn off when windows and doors are opened, as well as after guests leave the apartment.

Also, be sure to replace older and noisy air conditioners with new ones, because no one likes to stay in an area where the operation of the air conditioner or the humming of the air conditioning engine can be heard. Having proper air conditioning is very important for optimal decoration of the apartment.

10. Don’t forget the outdoor space

If you also offer guests outdoor space, then that is a big advantage. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small balcony or an entire garden, guests simply adore the outdoor space where they can have a coffee, read a book, eat, talk and the like. Even if a barbecue is available to guests, then it is a complete success.

In addition, keep in mind that in summer most guests spend most of their time outside. For quality decoration of the apartment, it is very important that the outdoor space is nicely furnished and decorated, practical and comfortable.

Source: iznajmljivači.hr