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The best tips for decorating a garden or yard

Most designers will say that the garden, ie the yard, is an extended living room. He is your external ID card. In the garden, the most important thing is to achieve intimacy and comfort, just like in the living room. It doesn’t have to be endless, it can be quite small, the most important thing is that your yard or garden is as functional and comfortable as possible.

It is important to emphasize how the garden is created over the years and how it takes a lot of time and effort that if you want to fit the plant world into the garden, that they need a lot of care and attention, especially in the first months.

  1. The flowers

Flowers and plants are an integral part of any garden or yard and of course, they are the most beautiful decoration. Always make sure you plant it in some order when planting because when it grows it can look very messy.

Pay attention to the shades, structure and type of flowers and plants. Do not mix them so that they know how to treat them and make the garden as beautiful as possible.

  1. Fence and walls

A garden or yard needs a fence, so let your imagination run wild and make your own fence, paint it or decorate it with various decorations. Fences do not always have to be strict lines, monochromatic and monotonous, you can always use other props to help you revive the fence.

Also, if you plan to place exterior furniture in the yard, adjust the wall for that part of the yard.

3. Other decoration

If you want to revive your garden, our tips are to enrich it with pebbles or decorative stones, small fountains or an eco fireplace. You can edit it according to some default style or simply to your liking. Your garden will radiate new energy in any case.

With gravel or wooden slats you can make a short walk through the garden and plant flowers along the way or for a complete atmosphere set up a portable fireplace on bioethanol.

4. Garden furniture

If you have a place to place it, we definitely recommend it. A garden sofa and two-seater to relax in the spring and summer months certainly can’t be a bad idea. Be sure to cover or shelter it in winter and cold weather so that it is not damaged. You can put a table and an umbrella with the furniture and in the hot summer months you are free to move to the garden.

5. Protect yourself from mosquitoes

Purchasing or natural resources, there are many solutions. We know that these annoying creatures are the biggest reason why people avoid hanging out in the garden, but there is a solution for that too.

So, between patches and sprays, electrical appliances or lamps, there are many choices. Of course, you can always get rid of them naturally; just smear yourself with essential oils (lavender, cinnamon, lime, mint) because that scent repels them.

6. Choose a style

Your garden can be a fairy tale in itself. You can match it with the style you have in the interior, but you don’t have to. You can’t go wrong if you want the garden to be as modern as the most luxurious hotel or romantic garden as from the British series, the decision is yours. The most important thing is that you feel good and that it gives you comfort.

7. Barbecue

If you have a garden you probably have a barbecue as well. Favorite prop of all holidays in the warm months. It is best to place it next to the seating area and under the awning so that you can use it even when it is raining.

Be careful not to place it next to a window or door so that smoke does not enter the house. In addition, you can place the cart on the spice wheels to make it as easy as possible to prepare the meat.

Let your garden be a source of inspiration, energy and love. There are many variants of decoration, choose the one that makes you the most relaxed. Remember to nurture flowers and plants.

Each season requires some plant care, so find out how which plant should be treated. Also, the garden is a part of the house where you will spend a lot of time when the warm weather comes, so pay attention to sun protection, furniture arrangement and other props for a complete atmosphere.

If you want your garden to shine, get rid of garbage, old and unnecessary machines and appliances, bicycles. Make a plan and create your own fairy tale!