Bioethanol fireplaces are still a real novelty on the market and there are more and more inquiries around them. There are many cases in which classic fireplaces are too expensive and there is no space or possibility for their installation, and space for wood is also needed.

Bioethanol fireplaces are a real revolutionary discovery because with them you can have a natural flame everywhere, both on the wall and on the floor, even in small apartments where the fire flame provides a pleasant atmosphere and warmth.

Fireplaces are not designed as the primary way to heat your space, although they emit 2 to 4 kW of heat.

One liter of bioethanol allows you up to 3 hours of pleasure by a pleasant natural flame.

Types of bioethanol fireplaces

Our bioethanol fireplaces are of top quality, intended for everyone, even those with more demanding tastes, who appreciate the final and original designs. Thus, freestanding, wall, outdoor and mini fireplace models are available. Freestanding fireplaces are especially interesting because they offer all the advantages of a classic fireplace, but without expensive works, chimneys, smoke, ash and wood.

play kamin
Freestanding eco fireplace – Planet

Freestanding fireplaces do not require any installation. The frame of such fireplaces is made of quality wood, while the firebox itself is made of fire-resistant painted steel. You can see the complete offer of freestanding fireplaces here.

Wall fireplaces are the most affordable, but require installation. They are most often installed in a fireproof knauf or wall. At the back of the fireplace there are places where they are fixed to the wall with screws. In the following pictures you can see some of the most popular bioethanol fireplaces of this type.

Delta 3

dey-flat-ekokamin Delta Flat – ide na zid (nije potrebna ugradnja)[/caption]

juy kamin
Juliet 1800X650

You can see other wall fireplaces here.

Outdoor bioethanol fireplaces are ideal for a terrace, garden or yard. Their offer is located here, and the offer of mini fireplaces is located here.

Romy kamin
Romeo – outdoor fireplace

Advantages of ethanol fireplaces

  • They visually elevate the room to a higher level
  • Easy installation, handling and maintenance
  • No chimney needed, no ash, no smell of smoke, wood and soot
  • Possibility to move in case of a new room layout
  • It attracts the attention of all visitors
  • They use ecological fuel – bioethanol
  • You have no worries about wood, soot, ash or dirt
  • Natural fiery flame
  • They improve the quality and comfort of life
  • Possibility to set the flame intensity
  • It is easily placed in any interior space or on terraces
  • They represent the possibility of space heating during the transition periods
  • A romantic environment in the circle of your loved ones next to a pleasant natural flame
  • They are mobile and easy to disassemble without much effort and expense (in case of moving)
  • They are suitable for various restaurants where you will pamper your guests with natural flame and warmth

Guaranteed safety

The top quality of the burners (cartridges) and the composition of quality bioethanol ensure safe use.

When burning bioethanol (ethyl alcohol base) there is a complete combustion so there is no smoke or other potentially harmful substances or unpleasant odors. Only carbon dioxide (CO2) is emitted in the vapor, which is negligible and does not harm people. This amount can be compared to the amount of air exhaled by one person, so from time to time, if necessary, ventilate the space by opening the window.

For all fireplaces we offer 2 years of warranty!

All our fireplaces are carefully checked and tested

They are made of high quality and non-flammable materials, so the possibility of inadequate application is almost impossible. The combustion chamber (closed fuel tank) is heat resistant and is made of stainless steel so that the flame intensity can be arbitrarily regulated (except on some models).
Heat and flame are not transferred and thus any damage is prevented, both on the fireplace and in the surroundings. Where there is glass on an eco fireplace, it is adapted and intended for such use as to ensure longevity.

How to order an ethanol fireplace?

You can order bioethanol fireplaces online or in our showroom at Karlovačka cesta 52c in Zagreb (near the Arena).

Order online

After selecting your model from our offer, click on “Add to cart” which will redirect you to the cart page. Then click “Continue Order” and enter your information on the next page. Once you have entered your details, click on “Complete Order”.

Delivery date

For all fireplaces in stock, the delivery time is 3 days.

For fireplaces that are not in stock, the delivery time is 20-35working days from the order.

Delivery is made to the entrance of the house or building. We contact you before we send the package, and immediately before delivery, the delivery service informs you about the exact delivery time.Read more about delivery here.


We offer several types of payments: bank transfer and card in our showroom.

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