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Width: 115cm
Height: 98cm
Depth: 33cm

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What are bioethanol fireplaces?

They are a special type of fireplace that use a natural and renewable energy source as fuel – bioethanol! Each model of such fireplaces is designed to fit into many different styles. These fireplaces do not serve for heating purposes but only as a decorative solution.

Types of bioethanol fireplaces

Advantages of bioethanol fireplaces

  • They attract the attention of all visitors!

It is simply impossible not to notice the fireplace in the room. Fire has always fascinated people and that is why the fireplace is an ideal choice for apartments, hotels, cafes, restaurants, cottages…

  • Relaxing natural flame!

It has been scientifically proven that fire has a special effect on humans. Looking at fire relaxes and calms the body. That is why fireplaces are the ideal company for the end of a hard working day or spending time with family…

  • No need for a chimney!

No worries about burning and smoke.  Bioethanol fuel – 96% alcohol, its combustion products are carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). This is exactly what a person normally exhales.

  • Without harmful combustion products!

Unlike a classic wood fire, a bioethanol fireplace does not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere!

  • They create a romantic atmosphere in an instant

The flame awakens passion and in combination with a special dinner and a glass of your favorite wine provides such a romantic atmosphere that it does not leave anyone indifferent. Surprise your loved one…

  • They visually elevate the room to a higher level!

If you are doing interior decoration these fireplaces are exactly what you are looking for. Choose from over 60 different fireplace models…

  • Without complicated installation and adaptation!

This type of fireplace is easy to install unlike the classic ones where expensive and complex work is required.

Freestanding fireplaces of modern design do not require additional space adaptation. Simply place this type of eco fireplace where you want it and they are ready to use!

Maintenance is simple and is no different from maintaining other furniture.

Safety guaranteed

The top quality of the burners (inserts) and the composition of quality bioethanol ensure safe use. Combustion of bioethanol (ethyl alcohol base) results in complete combustion so that there is no smoke or other potentially harmful substances or an unpleasant odor.

Additional information

Weight 81 kg
Dimensions 33 × 115 × 98 cm

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