Outdoor gas fireplace

Lighthouse_Technical card [PDF]


Planikin LIGHTHOUSE is not just a beautiful terrace heater! It ionizes the air, killing bacteria, microbes and viruses. It is designed to use sterilizing fire and shortwave infrared radiation to remove pathogens in the air, strengthening your health and creating an environment more conducive to your immune system.

Warm up the night!

If you want to heat your garden quickly and efficiently, LIGHTHOUSE is the ideal choice for you. Easy on and off with a best-in-class heater. Its unique construction ensures even heat distribution within a radius of 3 m. The roof is equipped with a heat deflector, which emits heat horizontally for maximum efficiency. The portable design means you can take this fireplace anywhere you want!

Let the evening last longer …

Available in black or white, the Lighthouse gives your space a very alluring and elegant look. Set in front of a restaurant, hotel or bar, he invites people inside.
Glamorous pebbles make it attractive and not only when it is inflamed. Transparent glass panels ensure the visibility of the flame from all sides. Comes with a 5 year warranty for rust protection.